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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is your marketing team?

We have over 20 Team members.

What makes your marketing campaigns different?

A marketing campaign isn't a campaign alone. It Requires extensive research that combines information about your market, location, and mission. We take steps to ensure that your business is well equipped and ready to be seen by the mass.

What certifications does Rocket agency has?

Our team has a wide variety of certifications in various professions stemming from Business, Law, Psychology, and software engineering.

What is the typical timeline for a campaign?

We initiate a meticulous two-week phase dedicated to in-depth research on your business's marketing landscape, location, and pertinent factors. Following this, we meticulously craft and commence the timeline that drives the campaign forward.

Do your services require advance payments?

Do to the nature of our services, we do require payments up front.

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